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Antara Retreat

How Can You Help: Headliner

How Can You Help?

Helper Days

Helper days are for all ages. Great if you’re interested in visiting for the first time or you have been before and wish to help in the maintenance and upkeep of the retreat.

There a great way of getting away, meeting new people and spending time in a positive environment. We always have fun and include a mix of planned projects, leisure activities and chill time.

Activities are decided upon by the people staying and can include things such as:

  • Firewood collection

  • Property development and maintenance

  • Organic gardening

  • Beach/ bush walks

  • Shared meals

  • Outside fire with drumming and music

  • Games and more!


The retreat accepts wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms). Wwoofers are expected to work 4 hrs a day in return for food and board. If you’re an international visitor you’ll get the chance to mix with like minded locals, along with other WWOOFers.

Kitchen Helpers & Leads

We are always looking for people to be involved with helping as well as leading in the retreat kitchen. This role can also grow into being able to co-ordinate weekends retreats or workshops.

Live In Stays

Check out the live in stay section of the website. There's no better way to be part of the team.

Antara Auction & Fundraising Committee

Antara relies on it's charity auction as well as automatic payments from its supporters. We always are grateful to hear from people willing to commit to supporting this important area.

Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinators

Marketing is not really our great love or strength. If you think you could change that then we would love to hear from you.

Workshop and Programme Facilitators
As the retreat continues to grow we are always looking for people able to help guide the development of the retreat to ensure it is a safe place for all involved, full of fun and reaching it's potential to.

Donations & Setting Up a Regular Automatic Payment
We don't pay anyone and we don't charge anyone. Charities don't come much more pure than that. What helps us the most financially is people that are able to contribute a small amount often. Support the retreat using Antara Association Inc's ASB 12-3071-0216902-01. Donations are tax deductible so add your name in the code or reference and email us your contact details.

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