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Antara Retreat

A journey and a destination...

A beautiful earthbrick homestay, inland from Pakiri Beach, set amongst organic gardens, streams, and native bush.

Our focus is on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

The retreat is run and maintained co-operatively by everyone who comes here.
Our kaupapa is based on the belief that we find harmony through giving and connecting with others.

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to give a testimonial for the two times I was fortunate enough to attend Antara retreat.
I can honestly say that in my 43 years, it has literally been two of my most enlightening and memorable times of my life.

From the calm, tranquil surroundings to the yoga, the amazing wholesome food, soothing massages, discovering the importance of self-love and care and the incredible comradeship I found and felt from the women I was lucky enough to meet at both of my retreats.

I sincerely cannot give Antara Retreat a higher praise.  I still carry with me the feeling and spirit of the retreat and the warm, welcoming aroha from all involved.

Kia Ora, Nga mihi maioha.

Supported shoulder stand - our last pose of the week end


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