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Antara Free Natural Health Clinic

Clinic Overview


The Antara Free Natural Health Clinic serves people in the community who cannot afford to pay for natural health care. The therapists are all qualified practitioners who, along with our receptionists,
work at the clinic anywhere from a half to a full day per week.

All our staff are volunteers and receive no payment for their time and expertise.

We are incredibly grateful for the support, and we always need more help,
so please get in touch below if you can help in any way.


We Can Help With...

  • Depression                         

  • Pain                 

  • Allergies           

  • Arthritis         

  • Repetitive strain injury 

  • Back and Shoulder problems

  • Conflict Resolution & Decision-making

  • Asthma          

  • Stress & Anxiety      

  • Behavioural Problems

Pre-interviews are conducted with clients to assess specific issues and therapy requirements.

Call 09-834 7987 for an appointment today!

Or email the clinic: 


Therapies Offered

Therapies offered range from physical to emotional and psychological.

Therapies vary from time to time depending on therapist availability.


Health promotion and disease prevention using natural and complementary medicine, herbs, supplements, vitamins, nutrition and exercise.


Diet and supplement advice to promote normal body functioning and growth, to resist infection and disease and to combat allergies.

Therapeutic Massage

Relieves tensions and stress, helps repair injuries as well as stimulating the lymphatic system and boosting immunity.

Counselling (Individual & Family)

Encourages self-reflection through discussion of problems, conflicts or choices so that individuals, couples and families can manage their lives more effectively.

Bowen Technique

Promotes self-healing of physical injury by balancing the body through a series of precise, gentle, specific moves.

Reiki / Energy Healing

Channels healing energy through light touch for the relief of physical and emotional pain.


Remedies containing small doses of substances and based on the idea that like cures like.


Gentle manipulation to correct dysfunctions of the skeletal system.

Back Massage
Reiki Treatment
Glasses of Water
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