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Antara Association

About Us: Headliner

About Us

The Antara Association is an incorporated society set up to run community care projects and to teach and encourage people to live by the philosophy and seven principles of the law of one.  Antara’s small group of lifetime members are committed to living by this philosophy and maintain ultimate responsibility for the projects. This lifetime commitment is one of the things that keeps our projects strong.

The seven principles of the philosophy are:

  1. Knowing ourselves and what we are (spiritual entities & part of the oneness of humankind)

  2. Ensuring we know the true nature of what we do

  3. Ensuring we know why we do what we do

  4. Being as assured as possible that our actions hurt no one

  5. Remembering we are confined in a body in order to progress

  6. Looking after our body so it can serve us best to progress (both physical and emotional)

  7. Accepting nothing on face value and questioning everything

To live the philosophy to the full you give of yourself in all ways to others. It is a lifetime dedication and commitment to the helping of others. 

Our rules require that all services are offered free of charge and all who work with Antara give their time voluntarily. The projects are examples of the philosophy in action and are the result of many people that have contributed to them in many different ways. They demonstrate the universal attitude of love and service to others.

Antara respects all beliefs and have people of many different philosophies, backgrounds, race and religions involved.

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