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About Antara

Chairmans Report

June 2023

First - thank you to everyone who has supported our two projects, the Antara Free Natural Health Clinic and Antara Retreat. Here is an update of the projects over the past twelve months. 


Antara Free Natural Health Clinic: 


The Clinic reopened last year for two days only. This has grown now to 3 days with a part-time staff 

of 15 lovely, dedicated therapists and receptionists. The days are full and the days are busy. 

A new phenomenon is presenting quite strongly. With very few exceptions most clients present 

with extreme stress and anxiety. Sometimes they know where that comes from.  But often they 

don’t.  It seems that the pressures of the last 3 years are taking their toll on our people.  

But these people are being cared for and nurtured. All our therapies work on an emotional level to 

a high degree. 


The therapies currently offered are: Counselling , Reiki, Bowen, Naturopathy & Nutrition.



Antara Retreat:


The last 12 months have seen exciting & positive activities at the Retreat. 


We have a very proactive and enthusiastic young couple now living at the Retreat with their dog, 

Moss. Courtney is a life coach, who also runs dance therapy workshops. Gareth is an arborist 

and a Breathwork Therapist. They have already run a few workshops at the Retreat combining their two modalities. A wonderful and healing experience for all those who attended. 


Malani, one of our Antara Clinic Student Counsellors, ran a mothers and children’s weekend 

workshop which was very comforting and supportive of the mums and fun for the children.
She has already booked two more such workshops in the coming 6 months.  


We continue to run monthly “Oneness Weekends” primarily offering a place to have a rest, meet 

new like-minded people and where possible offer a bit of love and care for the land. 


With the enthusiasm of Courtney and Gareth, the gardens have had a makeover. Trees pruned 

and trimmed (the arborist’s eye for detail). The Retreat lounge, dining room, and kitchen have had fresh coats of paint, and furniture redesign. The front door is now a vibrant welcoming blue. The changes are refreshing and exciting. Their plans for the Retreat grow daily.  


A special thank you to our donors, for your much-valued and continuing support for our projects. 


Our sincere intention is to continue our projects as a demonstration of the philosophy of helping 

without expecting anything in return. At various times we get a bit of feedback that we are noticed 

in what we do and encourage people to have a more positive outlook on the world.  


Thank you. 


Graham Marsden 


Antara Association Inc. 

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