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Antara Retreat

Live in Stays: Headliner
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Live In Stays

The live-in stay program is the opportunity for people to to be involved in the daily responsibilities of running the retreat whilst at the same time providing an amazing space for timeout and personal development. We offer a two way exchange where people can grow personally as part of an outward focus toward helping others.

The retreat is 100% run by volunteers and this allows us to provide all services free of charge. We facilitate weekend workshops as well as offer retreat stays. Antara is also keen to grow and support other community focussed initiatives around the globe. It is a unique opportunity to connect soulfully with yourself whilst being part of making a real difference in the world.

What we provide:

  • Free accommodation

  • Organic food and staples (mainly vegan) 

  • Flexible schedule

The retreat is run co-operatively allowing assignment of responsibilities to suit people's strengths. Depending on your passions responsibilities may include:

  • tending to the gardens, land and buildings

  • supporting workshops and retreats and being part of providing a loving and supportive environment

  • inspiring community engagement and promotion of the retreat

  • supporting the development of the retreat program and workshops

  • development, running and support of new community initiatives

You need to be comfortable with being in a quiet rural setting, trapping possums (or at least accepting that we do trap them), abstaining from alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, integrating sustainable practices into your daily routines.

The retreat gives priority to young adults 18-29. As it is for adults all people staying must be comfortable being responsible for their personal wellbeing and contributing positively to the team.

As we are all at one point or another on our personal journey, all people staying at the retreat should be actively involved with their personal awareness, healing and growth.

The retreat does not provide drop in or emergency accomodation with all stays pre-arranged. All individual stays are for an agreed duration. They vary based on individual circumstances and could be four months or even one year.

People considering a live in stay are encouraged to come and stay for a weekend and meet the retreat team. Please feel free to make an enquiry.

Live in Stays: Service
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