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Antara Retreat

About the Retreat

Staying at the Retreat

The Retreat is built on the philosophy of people helping people. The question of who the helper is, and who is being helped, is arguable at best as we all have something to give as well as to learn.

At the retreat, you are encouraged to cultivate self-awareness and be open and honest. It is a safe space and a place of trust, and those attending are asked to model an attitude of accepting others.

We eat mostly organically grown food (much of it grown by us) that is GE-free. The majority of the food eaten is vegetarian, however, some locally caught fish is also eaten.

As a place of learning and support the retreat is smoke, drug, and alcohol-free. (Sorry but that includes caffeine too!) We ask that you remain sexually neutral during your stay to enhance the notion of a safe place for everyone.

As the retreat is free to attend everyone mucks in. Participation in the maintenance and running of the retreat is appreciated and part of the fun.

Retreat Vision

The retreat is a journey and a destination. It is a place to share learning as well as learn.
It is a place to rest as well as take action.

Some people come for time-out or to attend a specific workshop. Organisations and charities involved in helping others also use the space, with the free facilities allowing an awesome opportunity for team support and development. It is also a place where some choose to make longer-term connections. Whatever the reason, those who attend are always touched by the love, the giving, and the generosity.

We believe it is very important that money never be part of the retreat.

Our approach is one of a shared journey for all those who attend, young and old, with everyone having something to teach and everyone having something to learn. People give and people receive.

To give life purpose also means a commitment to the things in our lives that we believe really matter. At the core of Antara is a small group of members who have committed to a lifetime of giving.
And the part of the retreat vision is for all of us to make as strong a commitment as possible to helping others.

When we commit to a life of giving we obtain deep purpose. It is a journey full of the unlimited potential of those who choose to be involved. Ultimately the retreat is a micro for the possibility of the macro.
Imagine a world like the retreat. That is our vision and that is our potential.


Retreat Rules

The retreat is a restful and reflective alternative to our busy lives. We encourage people to be in harmony with each other and the land with the following guidelines:


  • The retreat is drug, alcohol, and smoke-free

  • Turn off cell phones, ipads, and laptops. These can discourage participation and distract.

  • Focus on health and wellness during your stay.  Avoid sweets, junk food, white sugar, white flour, processed food, caffeine and dairy products.

  • Enjoy music where it enhances but does not dominate the atmosphere. Priority is given to the creation of music and to those preferring silence

  • Due to the healing nature of the retreat and the many reasons people attend, we ask that you do not embark on "new" sexual relationships while at the retreat

  • Sound travels easily around the retreat so please be aware of this when others are sleeping.

  • Most importantly, please respect our neighbours, their stock animals, and their right to live in a tranquil environment. The future of the retreat depends on it.


Accommodation, food, and all services are provided free of charge. 
If you have questions about the retreat and attending, please email:

Team Talk

Retreat Areas

Gardens & Orchards

To make the retreat as self-sustainable as possible we grow as many different food types as we can on the property. We utilise permaculture and biodynamic methods and aim to have a year-round supply of healthy organic food.

Development of the orchards and gardens is an ongoing process. We have planted figs, sugar cane, macadamias, olives, citrus fruit, stone fruit, apples, pears, peaches, plums, and blackberries and have a healthy vegetable garden. We also have chickens on the property providing the retreat with fresh eggs.


Main Building
The retreat was built almost entirely by volunteers and took five years to complete. The external walls are earth brick and include large exposed timber beams above the windows and doors.

There is a wood-burning stove in the kitchen that, with the help of a solar panel, provides the retreat’s hot water. This hot water can also be reticulated under the tiled floor to help keep the retreat warm.

The kitchen, dining, and lounge areas are open-plan with views of the gardens and native bush. There is a table tennis table, piano, several guitars, drums, and even a didgeridoo for those interested. There is also a good library of books and some beautiful art on the walls.

The retreat has four extra large bedrooms with bunks and sleeps up to 15. There is also an office, three bathrooms, laundry, several storage rooms, and a 220 sq m loft upstairs for future development.

The Retreat has a workshop that is used for carpentry, mechanical repairs, and maintenance.

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