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About Antara

The History of Antara


The origin of Antara dates back to 1974 and the death experience of John Muntz. John died of a heart attack but was revived and able to recall his experience and understanding surrounding the time he was clinically dead.
He wrote about this in his book “Life: A New Dimension of Death”.

Some years later John discovered that under hypnosis he was able to revisit the “place” he went to during his death experience. A kind of communication developed whereby, under hypnosis, John was able to communicate and be communicated through.

John wrote a further book called “Philosophy of One” before his death in 2001.

The Antara Association was established in 1988 as a non-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian incorporated society.
A special feature of Antara is that all who work within Antara's projects do so voluntarily.
No one is paid a salary, wage, or gratuity.

Antara has been successfully operating the Antara Free Natural Health Clinic since its opening in 1989.
The clinic offers free natural health care & counselling to anyone who cannot afford it.
Learn more about the Antara Free Natural Health Clinic here.

The Antara Retreat opened in 2002 as a rural retreat offering a place for respite and time out as well as developmental programmes. It is set among native bush and organic gardens and orchards, just over an hour north of Auckland, close to Wellsford. Learn more about the Antara Retreat here.

The Association is a philosophically based charitable organisation that relies on
donations of money, skills, and time to continue its work.

Learn more about our work by clicking below.


Our Memberships

From John's communication during his hypnosis came a philosophy of living that is the basis by which a small group of lifetime members created and now runs the Antara Association. These co-ordinating Members make a lifetime commitment to the projects, to the Association, and to the philosophy by which Antara is run. They have full voting rights at meetings, are required to maintain active involvement, and are ultimately responsible for all Antara's activities.


A second membership group exists to acknowledge those who have made a strong commitment to Antara but without requiring the demands associated with running the Association. Supporting Members have a formal right to attend and participate in all meetings but have no formal voting rights. People are invited to become Supporting Members and may also be encouraged to have an understanding of the philosophy by which the Association is run if attending meetings.

But most people involved with Antara are either non-members, or Friends of Antara. Friends of Antara are supporters of the projects and members of the Association but they have no formal voting rights in the running of the Antara Association. However, the attitude of Antara is that everyone involved in projects is entitled to have a say independent of membership or membership class.

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