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Antara Association

Antara's Beginnings: Headliner
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Antara's Beginnings

The origin of Antara dates back to 1974 and the death experience of John Muntz. John died of a heart attack but was revived and was able to recall his experience and understanding surrounding the time he was clinically dead. He wrote about this in his book “Life: A New Dimension of Death”.

Some years later he discovered that under hypnosis he was able to revisit the “place” he went to during his death experience. A kind of communication developed whereby, under hypnosis, John was able to communicate and be communicated through.

From this communication came a philosophy of living that is the basis by which a small group of lifetime members created and now run the Antara Association. The Association was incorporated in 1988.

John wrote a further book “Philosophy of One” before his death in 2001.

Antara's Beginnings: About
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