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Antara Association

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The Antara Association has three types of membership:- Friends of Antara, Supporting Members and Co-ordinating Members. These membership classes form part of the formal rules by which the Association is run.

Most people involved with Antara are either non-members or Friends of Antara. Friends of Antara are supporters of the projects and members of the Association but they have no formal voting rights. The attitude of Antara is that everyone involved in projects is entitled to have a say independent of membership or membership class.

A small group of people have made a lifetime commitment to running the Association. Co-ordinating Members make a lifetime commitment to the projects, the Association and to the philosophy by which Antara is run. They have full voting rights, are required to maintain active involvement and are ultimately responsible for all Antara's activities.

A third membership class is to acknowledge those that have made a strong commitment to Antara but without requiring the demands associated with running the Association. Supporting Members have a formal right to attend and participate in all meetings but have no formal voting rights. People are invited to become Supporting Members and may also be encouraged to have an understanding of the philosophy by which the Association is run if attending meetings.

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