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Antara is a co-creation free of money and full of love. Offerings are provided by people gifting their services. Accomodation, staple foods, garden and orchard produce are free of charge.

All ages are welcome with some priority given to young adults.

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17,18,19 Jun 2022

Oneness Weekend

Friday 4pm to Sunday 2pm.

Nurture yourself at Antara's beautiful earth brick retreat with heart felt connection, morning Naam Yoga and delicious healthy food. There will be time to be of help on the land too.

12 people limit, supporting love and unity. Hosted by Leigh.

Rosemary Sprig

31 Jul, 22 Oct 2022

Permaculture Course

This is a closed event sorry


Antara Retreat is free to attend. We're all about oneness and the love!