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Antara Retreat

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Antara is a co-creation free of money and full of love. Offerings are provided by people gifting their services. Accomodation, staple foods, garden and orchard produce are free of charge.

All ages are welcome with some priority given to young adults.

Book now. We can't wait to meet you!

Crumble Cake

Retreat Weekend for Mothers and Children (5yrs and Up)

25-25 Nov 2022

A weekend to explore self through creative and colour expressions. The workshop is designed to give Mothers opportunities for gentle self-development and to have fun creatively, while role modelling self-care to the children present.

 Hosted by Malani & Josephine 

Oneness Weekend

9-11 Dec 2022

Encouraging connection with ourselves, others & nature. Time to co-create nourishing moments, help in the gardens & relax in the stunning environment of Antara Retreat.

Leigh is hosting & offering Naam Yoga Sat & Sun morning

Antara Retreat is free to attend. We're all about oneness and the love!

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